Shorten the URL tool.-ssur

Set the alias.

If you need a custom alias, you can enter it below.。

The duration of use.

If the time expires after setting, the URL cannot be accessed.。

Password protection.

By adding a password, you can restrict access.。

Introduction to the short URL.

Introduction to the website.

No limit on the number of uses, permanent free tools.
Short URL click query.
To query the number of clicks on this short URL, simply enter the same URL. And at the end of a plus sign, you can query the URL click information.
short url
Query click as long as you enter in the URL bar.
you can display statistics for the URL.

TXT format API
Interface: "available" key&format=text&longurl= url encode (you're internet )
example :
return :

JSON format short URL API interface.
details:This format is json
example :"available" key&format=json&longurl=
return:{"code":1,"msg":"成功","ae_url":"","longurl":"" }

short url api request limit:1次/秒
Free key:nZ9ZzSa4LZ4o、Ed8nLSFpNVGB、YJimrVqxmExf、L9YRXGPugtet、HR7RDeKNVgTX